Founded in 1996, TurkNet Telecom is one of the leading operators with more than 500.000 subscribers and over five hundred employees. Today, TurkNet Telecom is operating both in the consumer market and also in the corporate market. They have built their own fiber infrastructure, data centers and are growing at a rapid rate.


TurkNet wants to analyze their campaign performance in a holistic view. Before Integrads, they pulled data from multiple sources to excel spreadsheets and combined data, clean and make calculations. Final step was to import data to Google data studio. This was a lengthy, repeated process and prone to errors. When the report was ready, data had been often out-of-date.

Another problem for the digital marketing team is that they have both web and call center channels. They need to see the whole customer journey to analyze channel and campaign performance.


When they began to use Integrads, the digital marketing team started to pull all of their marketing channels data such as Facebook, Google ads, Google analytics, Twitter, Criteo and DV360 in under 10 minutes. With the up-to-date data available and being pulled several times a day, the team now can analyze their performances with the latest data.

Integrads no-coding data transformation interface enables the team to group campaigns with their types and map with the analytics data so they can analyze and allocate their budget more effectively which results in a 15% increase in conversions with the same budget.

Scattered data sources around the company was also a headache for not having a single source of truth. They now can create intuitive dashboards from the dashboard templates with just one-click, set goals and track kpi’s or can create custom dashboards and share to all stakeholders by scheduling recurring reports to their mailbox.

Agency they’ve been working with has access to Google Analytics, so TurkNet digital team can export campaign cost, click, impression data from Integrads to Google Analytics so the agency can also view the campaign returns in their Google Analytics.

Lastly, they can now import inbound and outbound calls data from Google Sheet to Integrads. That enables them to connect leads to final sales and analyze real returns with a holistic view of the whole journey.

Meltem Cebeci Meriç

“Integrads combines online and offline data to show us the true effectiveness of channels, campaigns and where we should allocate our resources. Spending no-time on this process makes Integrads even more valuable for us.”