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Up to $50K
  • Hyper Personalized Segmentation
  • Codeless Event Setup & Tracking
  • User & Product Analytics
  • Data Collection Automation & Reporting
  • Codeless Data Transformation
  • Live & Email Support
  • All features in Growth, plus
  • Google, Facebook and other ad integrations for sending user segments on daily basis (including anonymous visitors)
  • No-code Hyper-personalized & Real-time Popups
  • Account audit, 1:1 onboarding and consultation

Up to 10K unique users / Mo


Billed Annually

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Full Feature List for All-In-One

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User Insights
Hyper Segmentationcheckcheckcheck
Integrations - push data to Ad PlatformscheckCustom
User Segment export as csvcheckcheckcheck
Codeless Event Setup & Tracking
Codeless Core Eventscheckcheckcheck
Codeless Unlimited Custom Eventscheckcheckcheck
No-code Hyper-personalized & Real-time Popupscheckcheckcheck
Trigger popups with events, segments or user attributescheckcheckcheck
Popup campaign analyticscheckcheckcheck
User and Product Analytics
On-demand User Analytics Visualizationcheckcheckcheck
Custom White-label User Analytics Dashboardcheckcheckcheck
Custom White-label Scheduled Reporting via emailcheckcheckcheck
Create User Funnels and Optimizecheckcheckcheck
Map ad platform cost data with each usercheckcheckcheck
Import external user attributes and metrics via apicheck
Analyze trends and performance of your no-code events and event values
Data Collection and Reporting
Advanced integration
Advertising Platformscheckcheckcheck
Non-Ad Platformscheckcheckcheck
Google Sheetcheckcheckcheck
Codeless Data Transformation
Create Custom Dimensionscheckcheckcheck
Group and Map Platformscheckcheckcheck
Create Custom Metricscheckcheckcheck
Auto-normalized, Cleaned and Calculated Metricscheckcheckcheck
400 days of Instant History of your Datacheckcheckcheck
Machine-Learning Anomaly Detection
Dashboard and Reporting
Data Finder - On demand Data Visualisation Toolcheckcheckcheck
Create white-label Custom Dashboardscheckcheckcheck
Ready-made Dashboard Templatescheckcheckcheck
Scheduled Recurring Reportingcheckcheckcheck
Goal setting and kpi trackingcheckcheckcheck
Real time and daily metric updatecheckcheckcheck
Smart Data Connection Algorithmcheckcheckcheck
Organization and Account
Unlimited Domain setup and trackingcheckcheckcheck
Unlimited User insights Data Historycheckcheckcheck
Create unlimited Account under your Organizationcheckcheckcheck
Customer Support & Success
Free Email and Scheduled Live Supportcheckcheckcheck
Onboarding and growth marketing consultationcheckcheckcheck
Monthly Calls from our Conversion Optimization Expertscheckcheck
Enterprise SLAcheck
Dedicated Customer Success Managercheck

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Frequently Asked Questions

data collection

What happens if I exceed the limit for my plan?

Don’t worry – we will not drop or throttle your data! Once you exceed your plan’s monthly limit, you’ll receive an email asking you to upgrade to the appropriate tier. You’ll need to do this to get the most out of it.

data collection

What's monthly unique users?

Monthly Unique Users are calculated across all accounts in an organization. For each account, MUUs are calculated as the number of unique users with at least one event in the last month.

data collection

Do I need a developer to use Integrads?

Nope. Integrads is designed to be used for non-techies. You can copy and paste the scipt in your Google Tag Manager. And you're all done. No need to wait for a developer to define events and also send to other marketing platforms.

data collection

What is monthly ad spend in the pricing plans?

Monthly ad spend refers to the total spendings of all your advertisement platforms for the related month. Pend refers to the total spendings of all your advertisement platforms for the related month.

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