Map data between platforms, segment them,
change names…

and all can be done without coding


Some of the mappings you can do

To get the most out of the mapping feature, it is important that your
ad platform campaign name needs to be as same as your utm_campaign in your url

Map Google Analytics E-commerce Product Category metrics with ad platforms campaign metrics. This provides per category returns of your campaigns such as (related campaign cost / per category revenue)

Some of the things we’ve already done for you

You can enjoy with our built-in custom dimensions from the start

Media Type Mapping

Out-of-the-box mapping to see the performances of your both paid and other channels by media types

Source Mapping

Out-of-the-box mapping to see the whole journey by the source

Campaign Mapping

Out-of-the-box mapping for you to analyze campaigns from cost to ROAS in a single row

Create New Metrics


Our no-coding interface enables to combine multiple metrics and numbers by applying mathematical formulas to create new metrics.

Once you create, no need to update. Realtime fresh metrics are dynamically calculated.

Auto Normalization

Once you integrate your ad platforms, there is almost always some dissimilarities between platforms in terms of dimensions and metrics naming. For example, one platform named the ad spending metric as “cost” and the other named it as “spend”. Integrads, normalizes all different ad platforms naming conventions as one and consistent throughout the platform

Auto Calculation

There are some important metrics such as ROAS or Cost of Transaction. After pulling your metrics from the ad platforms, we map with the Google Analytics metrics and auto-calculate them from the day one

Data Transformation

You can start to organize, group your scattered data from various sources such as organize email traffic by grouping source, medium and campaign under one custom group or even change names as you like.

Custom Metrics

Build new metrics between platforms by applying simple math formulas such as combining web revenue with the mobile revenue or divide metrics to create new ratio metrics


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